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Shack of Senses in Wish You Could Have Seen This

A video of Shack of Senses is included in the exhibition Wish You Could Have Seen This showing across the street from City Hall in San Francisco. Documentation of artworks by artists who have left San Francisco is shown nightly until September 2.

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Light Catchers at Ramallah Summer Festival

Ramallah Summer Festival is an annual event that revives an old tradition and celebrates the city’s history and contemporary role in nurturing cultural activities and the arts. The theme “From Us and From Within” echoes metaphorically the festival philosophy of highlighting Palestinian artistic talent, whether local or from the diaspora. In addition, the festival hosts other Arabic and international artists to strengthen the fruitful cooperation between the cities that have been twinned with Ramallah Municipality as well as with friends from near and far.

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Light Catchers in What Urban Media Art Can Do

Light Catchers is featured in the new book “What Urban Media Art Can Do” published by avedition and launched at ISEA 2016. The book includes theoretical articles as well as documentation of projects by artists like Jeremy Bailey, Jim Campbell, The Constitute, Ars Electronica Futurelab, Florian Licht, and more.

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