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Field report: Polycon workshop at ThingsCon 2015

For ThingsCon 2015 I gave the first public workshop for the Polygon Construction Kit. We started by putting together a few of that most classic polygon: the tetrahedron. The tetrahedron is probably the easiest Polycon to put together – all the connectors are the... read more

Video of Polycon talk at Dorkbot / Gray Area

Video from my talk “Building Things that Build Things: The Polygon Construction Kit” for Dorkbot at Gray Area Art + Technology in San Francisco. Thanks as always to Karen Marcelo and Jonathan Foote¬†for running Dorkbot SF, and thanks to Josette and Gray... read more

Polygon Construction Kit at ThingsCon 2015

I’m teaching a workshop on my Polygon Construction Kit (Polycon) at ThingsCon¬†May 8-9 in Berlin. Here’s the workshop description: The Polygon Construction Kit (Polycon) helps you bring “low-poly” computer models into the real world by... read more