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Forward Thinking Sound + SISYPHUSBerliner Kolloquium / Internet and mental health – Berlin, Germany, Apr 25, 2018

Recent Events

Polycon light interventions – Burning Bär – Halle, Germany, Feb 23-25, 2018

Infl3ctorThe Big Good Future: 10 Jahre Creative City Berlin! – Berlin, Germany – Nov 29, 2017

Infl3ctorFuture DiverCities Intervention @ Citilab 10th Anniversary – Barcelona, Spain – Nov 10

Infl3ctorWhite Wall Beirut – Beirut, Lebanon – Oct 28 – Nov 6

Spectral Accelerator – Kepler 452b – Berlin, Germany – Oct 23

Dune Field Modulator (short film) – Shared Sight International Film FestivalMATCA – Cluj-Napoca, Romania – Oct 22

Infl3ctor – Digital Calligraffiti – TINCON – Berlin – June 23-25

Chrysalis – 48 Stunden Neukölln – Drumherum – Berlin – June 23-25

Dune Field ModulatorDark Habitats – SPEKTRUM – Berlin – June 8-11

Recent News

Infl3ctor @ White Wall Beirut

The Infl3ctor made a strong showing in Beirut for the White Wall festival 2017. As part of Digital Calligraffiti performances and workshops I had the chance to work with world-class Calligraffiti artists like Shoe (the father of Calligraffiti!), Schriftzug, and Moe. The theme for the festival was “East Meets West” and the calligraffiti works were meant to symbolically re-unite the previously divided city. One of the standout works on the Infl3ctor was a “meeting of the alphabets” with a large X (meeting) surrounded by Schriftzug’s Schwabacher inspired script and Moe’s Arabic. We went big with a projection that was 5 floors tall! Much respect to REK crew (Moe, Exist, Spaz, Meuh, Chad the Mad, Anoy One, Ahmed) for showing us the city… and its walls!... read more

Infl3ctor / Digital Calligraffiti at TINCON

The Infl3ctor was used as part of the Digital Calligraffiti workshop at TINCON (the Teenageinternetwork Convention) in Berlin. The workshop provided the young participants (13-21 years old) the opportunity to learn calligraphy from master calligrapher Drury Brennan and project their messages on the walls of Kraftwerk using the Infl3ctor... read more

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