[silence] at Gigantic Art Space

[silence] at Gigantic Art Space[silence] at Gigantic Art Space[silence] at Gigantic Art Space[silence] at Gigantic Art Space

Took a break today and went to the opening of [silence] at Gigantic Art Space. The show runs through Feb 24. (The link for the show is to the "current" page at GAS… too bad there’s no permalink for current events!)

Douglas Repetto has his Puff, Bang, Reverb installed and there was a nice installation of speakers making standing waves in water by Douglas Henderson. I’d like to go back when it’s quieter at the gallery. It was packed for the opening (which I hear is its last, sadly).

It was also an excuse to try out my new Canon G7 camera. Great little machine and I’ll be putting it through its paces soon enough!

Pictures from [silence] at Gigantic Art Space and also the same set on Flickr.

I like having my pictures on Flickr and another copy on my site. Almost at the point where a single script uploads to both places! One thing I’m trying to do lately is write my own little scripts to make myself more productive. At some point I’d like to make it all integrate automatically with this blog.

Water_Speaker.avi (xvid)

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