Shack of Senses in Wish You Could Have Seen This

Shack of Senses in Wish You Could Have Seen This

A video of Shack of Senses is included in the exhibition Wish You Could Have Seen This by Ma Li. The video is being shown at the San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery across from San Francisco City Hall as documentation of artworks by San Francisco artists that have left the city. At night a screen shows videos and pictures of artworks from the “diaspora” and during the daytime messages in morse code are directed at City Hall. I left San Francisco for Berlin three years ago – bittersweet but a process of growth! The exhibition shows nightly until September 2.

You can see more of the artworks at Wish You Could Have Seen This, and a writeup at Curbed San Francisco.

Here is the Shack of Senses video, for those, like me, who aren’t in SF!



Featured photo from the San Francisco Arts Commission / Ma Li

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