Infl3ctor @ White Wall Beirut

Infl3ctor @ White Wall Beirut

The Infl3ctor made a strong showing in Beirut for the White Wall festival 2017. As part of Digital Calligraffiti performances and workshops I had the chance to work with world-class Calligraffiti artists like Shoe (the father of Calligraffiti!), Schriftzug, and Moe.

The theme for the festival was “East Meets West” and the calligraffiti works were meant to symbolically re-unite the previously divided city. One of the standout works on the Infl3ctor was a “meeting of the alphabets” with a large X (meeting) surrounded by Schriftzug’s Schwabacher inspired script and Moe’s Arabic. We went big with a projection that was 5 floors tall!

Projecting Digital Calligraffiti for White Wall Beirut 2017

Moe x Schriftzug on the Infl3ctor for White Wall Beirut 2017. Arabic and Latin calligraffiti meet at the X. Count those balconies… it’s 5 storeys tall! Hitting the side of the Fransabank headquarters in Hamra, Beirut

Much respect to REK crew (Moe, Exist, Spaz, Meuh, Chad the Mad, Anoy One, Ahmed) for showing us the city… and its walls!