(My apologies as I finally clear out a bunch of older stuff I’d like to share…)

Back in NYC I had the pleasure of attending a three-day workshop on OpenFrameworks, a C/C++ library developed at Parsons for interactive video pieces. It integrates several existing open source libraries and provides some wrapper/utility code of its own. I’ve definitely seen that it’s hard for beginners to get started with C/C++, so this will be a big help. It’s in the early stages and a lot of work is required before it will be really easy, but it’s good to see something in the spirit of Processing in C++. Thanks to Eyebeam for hosting, and Zach/Evan/Theo for teaching!

Theo’s page about the workshop
The code!

Blurb about the workshop:

Open-frameworks is an open source, cross platform, c++ library, which was designed to make programming in c++ for students accessible and easy.

In it, the developers wrap several different libraries, opengl for graphics, quicktime for movie playing and capturing, free type for font rendering, into a convenient package (essentially mirroring parts of the processing api) in order to create a simple, intuitive framework for creating projects using c++. It is designed to work in freely available compilers, such as dev-c++, eclipse and xcode.

This workshop presents an introduction to the library, and some experience for participants to explore using it for art making and computational meandering. The workshop will take place over three evenings, building on concepts previously covered.