Speaking at Make:SF June 8

I’m a special guest at Make:SF at reMake Lounge this Tuesday. I’ll be talking about a few of my past and current projects. You can see some more details on the Make:SF Meetup page.

Make:SF June 8th @ reMake Lounge
Jun 8 – Tue 6:30 PM
reMake lounge
50 Post St Suite 9
Crocker Galleria (near Sutter St)
San Francisco , CA 94104

Who’s coming?
12 New Technologists

Who’s hosting?
Inna Leavitt, Make:SF Founder, and Malcolm Knapp

Hello Makers,

Maker Faire is over (boo!) but Make:SF continues (yay!). We want to see all the stuff you did not bring to Maker Faire and of course anything new you all have made. Also if you are in the middle of a project bring it in and get feedback on it. We have a whole bunch of people who can help troubleshoot any issue you have.

After project demos we will have Michael Ang speak about his techno-art projects. You can check out his wiki to see some of the cool stuff he has done.

Finally we have this months mini-project where we will be making TV-B-Gones. This device can make any TV switch off which I am sure you can find uses for. The kits will be $30 dollars for non-members and $10 dollars for members.

This fun-for-all-ages event starts at 6:30pm. Children under 14 need to be accompanied by an adult.

New to Make:SF. Here is what you can do:
– New to making? Come and explore with a fun mini-project.
– Have an idea? Come and we will help you get started making it.
– Making something? Come and demo it. Get feedback and network with the Makers.
– Come to see the speakers we bring in talk about their projects, tools you can use, etc.

Over 1,000,000 Digital Books Available Free to the Print-Disabled

The Internet Archive is now providing more than 1,000,000 digital books for free to the print-disabled:

More than doubling the number of books available to print disabled people of all ages, today the Internet Archive launched a new service that brings free access to more than 1 million books – from classic 19th Century fiction and current novels to technical guides and research materials – now available in the specially designed format to support those who are blind, dyslexic or otherwise visually impaired.

Read the full press release on archive.org

There are some more details over on the Open Library blog post about 1 million digital books for the print-disabled. I got a shout-out on that page (thanks, George!) and it’s a privilege to be a very small part of the team making it happen.

To add to a blockbuster day, the newly redesigned Open Library launched today as well. The new design is really fantastic and fun to use.

For example, here’s a subject page about Gliding and Soaring:
Open Library subject page for Gliding and Soaring

Congratulations to the Internet Archive team and collaborators for these bigs steps towards universal access to all knowledge!

Megashear Open Studios

Megashear Open Studios

I’m showing a collection of gigapan prints at the Cataclysmic Megashear Ranch open studios. Here are the show details from the Megashear blog:

Wide Open At The Ranch: Who’s Showing

For Open Studios 2009 (Oct 24, 25), we’ll be filling our walls, shelves, nooks, and crannies (and we do have the best crannies) with our art and that of our friends. Here’s who’s showing:

raNcH caTs-n-RatS

  • CakesandBacon (furniture, tile mosaics)
  • Craig Dorety (electronic arts / new media / instruments)
  • David Barsotti (paintings on canvas and paper)
  • James Labinski, with David and Hijin Hodge (multimedia)
  • Jamie Nasiatka (sculpture / kinetic art)
  • Lisa Pimental (mixed media, recycled scrap)
  • Mauricia Gandara (painting, mixed media)
  • Pernilla Persson (photography)
  • Sergio Penteado (jewelry, metal sculpture )
  • Will Welch (both kinds of ceramics)

and guest artists

  • Barb0bot (drawings)
  • Dave Cherry (oil paintings)
  • David Hodge (multimedia)
  • Eva4
  • Heike Seefeldt (paintings / mixed media)
  • Hijin Hodge (multimedia)
  • Maju Carvalho (jewelry)
  • Malcolm Nicoll (functional glass art, paintings)
  • Michael Ang (gigapixel photography)

with intermittent live and electronic music by
The Old Joe Black Eyed Amy Pea Clarks, Craig Dorety, Rocky Mullin

Cataclysmic Megashear Ranch (Studios) Open Studio Poster

BookServer launched!

On Monday the Internet Archive launched the BookServer initiative for distributed lending and vending of ebooks over the Internet.

I’m proud to be part of the Archive team on the project! Here’s Brewster Kahle and a few of the people (Mike, Sam, Raj) behind the BookServer:
Internet Archive BookServer Launch

Here’s the blurb from the BookServer page:

bookserver diagram

The widespread success of digital reading devices has proven that the world is ready to read books on screens.

As the audience for digital books grows, we can evolve from an environment of single devices connected to single sources into a distributed system where readers can find books from sources across the Web to read on whatever device they have. Publishers are creating digital versions of their popular books, and the library community is creating digital archives of their printed collections. BookServer is an open system to find, buy, or borrow these books, just like we use an open system to find Web sites.

The BookServer is a growing open architecture for vending and lending digital books over the Internet. Built on open catalog and open book formats, the BookServer model allows a wide network of publishers, booksellers, libraries, and even authors to make their catalogs of books available directly to readers through their laptops, phones, netbooks, or dedicated reading devices. BookServer facilitates pay transactions, borrowing books from libraries, and downloading free, publicly accessible books.

Who Benefits?

Authors find wider distribution for their work.
Publishers both big and small can distribute books directly to readers.
Book sellers find new and larger audiences for their products.
Device makers can offer access to millions of books instantly.
Libraries can continue to loan books in the way that patrons expect.
Readers get universal access to all knowledge.

Search for books: