I’m starting a new artist/maker community at SPEKTRUM in Berlin called MadeByUs.

MadeByUs is a new making community focused on artistic, DIY, and experimental uses of digital fabrication techniques like 3D printing and laser cutting. Join us as we build our community and discuss the future of the making lab at SPEKTRUM.

What are the possibilities for community-based local manufacturing and how can we support this at SPEKTRUM? Help us build our lab and get us all to the future.

Light Catchers at Innovative Citizen Festival in Dortmund

Light Catchers at Innovative Citizen Festival in Dortmund

(We Are) Light Catchers was presented at the Innovative Citizen Festival / Dortmund Leuchtet 2015 in Dortmund. We demonstrated constructing the large “Light House” sculpture (designed using my Polygon Construction Kit) and had participants go out and catch colours using the Light Catcher wearable. The participants chosen colours were added to the light sculpture.

Light Catchers in Dortmund


Light Catchers at Innovative Citizen 2015Light Catchers at Innovative Citizen 2015

Light Catchers at Innovative Citizen 2015

For more pictures, have a look at Light Catchers in Dortmund on Flickr.

Light Catchers was initiated with Public Art Lab at transmediale and is supported by RWE Foundation.



Polycon talk at Dorkbot SF

Polycon talk at Dorkbot SF

Pleased to announce I’m speaking about my Polygon Construction Kit on Dec 3, 2014 at Gray Area in San Francisco. The event is DorkbotSF – People doing strange things with electricity, now in its 80th installment!

It looks like a great lineup of speakers on topics including film-making robots, a light art installation driven by data from ocean waves, projection mapping in the desert, and my very own Polycon. Thanks as always to Karen Marcelo for organizing DorkbotSF and to Gray Area for hosting!

Event details

Gray Area Gray

Gray Area Art + Technology

We are proud to host one of our personal favorite communities of like minded folks- Dorkbot! A monthly informal get together to showcase strange things people do with electricity. Organized by teh RoXXor, Karen Marcelo, and there’s snacks provided by the @GrilledCheezGuy. Please come and check out these awesome artists share their current works and enjoy the new Gray Area Theater before we open to the public in the spring of 2015!



Michael Ang – The Polygon Construction Kit

Tools have long extended human abilities, both practical and creative. 3D printers promise to bring objects from the virtual world into the physical one, but common printers are limited to printing small objects. How can we use a machine that prints small objects to realize a creative vision of objects on a human scale? How do we program a machine to extend human creativity?The Polygon Construction Kit (Polycon) helps you bring 3D models into the real world by making a 3D printed connector set. The final object can be much larger than the printing volume of your printer. As a toolkit for creativity, Polycon opens up the aesthetic form of physical polygon objects to artists, designers and creators. As a piece of software, Polycon acts as a bridge between the virtual world and the physical. This talk introduces the Polygon Construction Kit, and the artworks that necessitated its creation.



Oliver Hess – Wilmington Waves Maintenance

Oliver is interested in the hidden infrastructures that support our world. the implicit hierarchies, natural and manufactured that create the reality that sustains us. His projects attempt to identify and recast these forces through technology and alternative sensual modalities.



Josh Silverman – Adventures in Playa Re-engineering: A Projection Mapping Project Rises From the Dead

In 2014, with much fanfare, we set out to bring Shogyo Mujo, a 30-foot projection mapped skull, to BurningMan. Not everything went as planned. But with a few fundamental on-the-fly design changes we turned a veritable pile of rubble into a great underdog story. Josh Silverman from WorldStage gives the inside scoop on the projection and mapping technology behind the piece, and details on how it all went down.

Josh Silverman is the Director of Technology for the WorldStage Lab in San Francisco. He brings over a decade of design, audio/video integration and software development experience to an industry increasingly focused on combining these disparate fields to create innovative systems and experiences.



Alex Reben – Film making Robots and Human-Machine Relationships

Technology and people are becoming ever more integrated. What does this connection mean both now and when extrapolated into the future? This lecture will show concrete examples of human-machine relationships, human-robot symbiosis and psychological projection onto technology. Using both art and research, these investigations may point to patterns that indicate the future of such machines.Alexander Reben designs robots and novel interfaces to explore our evolving relationship with technology. He focuses on human-machine relationships, synthetic psychology and artificial philosophy. His artwork and research has been shown and published internationally . His recent interactive installation, Robots in Residence – a documentary shot and directed by robots – was showcased at the Tribeca Film Festival. He is currently the director of technology and research at Stochastic Labs, an incubator for sustainable creative design companies, where he is working on machine ethics and next-generation social robotics. He also is Founder and CEO of BlabDroid, a social robotics company. Reben is a graduate of the MIT Media Lab.


Kulturfestival Wedding & Moabit 2014 – Open Studios

Kulturfestival Wedding & Moabit 2014 – Open Studios

As part of the Kulturfestival Wedding & Moabit I’m opening up my studio in Berlin/Moabit to show some of my current work. It’s a huge festival with something like 250 locations in two neighbourhoods!

Offene Künstler Ateliers
Künstler Ateliers Lehrter Straße 17
Fotografie, Malerie, Neue Medien
Michael Ang, Nicky Broekhuysen, Conor Clarke, Stefanie Loveday, Nam Nguyen
Sa, 13.09.2014 – 13:00 bis 18:00
So, 14.09.2014 – 13:00 bis 18:00
Lehrter 17 Ateliers

Art Hack Day Paris

Art Hack Day Paris

We have a great line up of participants for the Art Hack Day /// Disnovate at Parsons Paris August 28-30.  48 hours of collaborative hacking lead up to the public exhibit opening on Saturday, August 30. It all takes place at Parsons Paris. I’m participating and helping organize. Hope to see you there!

Image from Art Hack Day and The Pirate Cinema by Nicolas Maigret






“Disnovate” is a collaboration between Art Hack Day, Parsons Paris and Accès(s) festival. Between August 28-30, artists and hackers will inhabit Parsons Paris to create a flash exhibit on the theme “Disnovate”, in anticipation of the next Accès(s) festival in Pau.

Disruptive innovation is widely heralded as the driving force of progress, influencing all walks of life.

Its vocabulary has seeped into domains as disparate as politics, education, or art. Computer culture is not immune: Hackathons have turned into rallies for smarter, cheaper and faster consumption. What role does the whimsical and useless play in this society? Can we evaluate creation without resorting to conceptions of value? What worldview is implied by the language of disruption; what does it clarify and what does it obscure? As artists we have an urge to break with the past and embrace novelty, ignoring the pioneers of our field. As hackers we reap the benefits of scientific breakthroughs, oblivious to its military-industrial foundation. Are we the apostles of a broader ideology of innovation?