Infl3ctor at transmediale Vorspiel, CTM, Chroniques and Berlin U-Bahn

Infl3ctor at transmediale Vorspiel, CTM, Chroniques and Berlin U-Bahn

Infl3ctor makes several new appearances, including a networked live performance between digital calligraffiti artists in Berlin / Marseille and a two-month campaign in the Berlin U-Bahn kicked off by a one-hour launch performance. Infl3ctor worldwide!

From Public Art Lab:

Digital Calligraffiti Camp will take place at Collegium Hungaricum Berlin during January in the framework of transmediale / CTM Vorspiel.

Under the guiding principle Urban Screens are our WallsDigital Calligraffiti is bringing together young representatives of the refugee communities in Berlin, new media artists, traditional calligraphers & calligraffiti artists, who will work together in order to create stunning tags with meaningful messages with a series of activities & public events:

// 4PM – 6PM @ CHB // Round Table Future DiverCities: Creativity in the Urban Context – Impact / Production / Restrictions
21.01.2017 // 6PM – 21:30 @ CHB // Live Infl3ctor Sessions
27.01.2017 // 8PM – 9PM @ U-Friedrichstraße // Launch of Digital Calligraffiti Artistic Campaign
27.01 – 05.03.2017 @ U-Friedrichstraße // Digital Calligraffiti Artistic Campaign
29.01.2017 // 4PM – 6PMHAU II, Berlin & Chroniques Festival, Marseille // Networked Live Infl3ctor Sessions


Shack of Senses in Wish You Could Have Seen This

Shack of Senses in Wish You Could Have Seen This

A video of Shack of Senses is included in the exhibition Wish You Could Have Seen This by Ma Li. The video is being shown at the San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery across from San Francisco City Hall as documentation of artworks by San Francisco artists that have left the city. At night a screen shows videos and pictures of artworks from the “diaspora” and during the daytime messages in morse code are directed at City Hall. I left San Francisco for Berlin three years ago – bittersweet but a process of growth! The exhibition shows nightly until September 2.

You can see more of the artworks at Wish You Could Have Seen This, and a writeup at Curbed San Francisco.

Here is the Shack of Senses video, for those, like me, who aren’t in SF!



Featured photo from the San Francisco Arts Commission / Ma Li

Light Catchers at Ramallah Summer Festival

Light Catchers at Ramallah Summer Festival

From August 15 to 23 Light Catchers is installed in the old city of Ramallah in the West Bank. Photographs by Ameen Saeb.

(We Are) Light Catchers by Michael Ang

(We Are) Light Catchers shows light recorded by participants using wearable sensors. Bring your light to the public space by borrowing a sensor and adding your colours to the collaborative light sculpture. Your light will travel to other cities around the world with the nomadic Light Catchers sculpture, mixing with light already collected from Germany and China.

Wein A Ramallah Season 2016

Ramallah Summer Festival

August 15 to 23, 2016

Ramallah Summer Festival is an annual event that revives an old tradition and celebrates the city’s history and contemporary role in nurturing cultural activities and the arts. The festival highlights a long tradition of artistic expression through various city venues and public spaces, and also acts as a platform to reinforce the partnerships between the numerous active institutions.

Ramallah Summer Festival 2016 will take place in the midst of “Wein A Ramallah” Season, a new concept initiated by Ramallah Municipality, which lasts from early April to October.

The theme “From Us and From Within” echoes metaphorically the festival philosophy of highlighting Palestinian artistic talent, whether local or from the diaspora. In addition, the festival hosts other Arabic and international artists to strengthen the fruitful cooperation between the cities that have been twinned with Ramallah Municipality as well as with friends from near and far.

Copyright (c) Ameen Saeb

Copyright (c) Ameen Saeb

Copyright (c) Ameen Saeb

Copyright (c) Ameen Saeb

Light Catchers was created by Canadian artist Michael Ang as part of the Connecting Cities Network. Light Catchers was developed with support from the RWE Foundation.
Light Catchers in What Urban Media Art Can Do

Light Catchers in What Urban Media Art Can Do

Light Catchers is featured in the new book “What Urban Media Art Can Do” published by avedition and launched at ISEA 2016. The book includes theoretical articles as well as documentation of projects by artists like Jeremy Bailey, Jim Campbell, The Constitute, Ars Electronica Futurelab, Florian Licht, and more.

Preview and order now at avedition,,

What Urban Media Art Can Do

Why When Where and How?

Pop, Susa / Toft, Tanya / Calvillo, Nerea / Wright, Mark

Urban media art is one of the most significant trends currently unfolding in contemporary art. It enables artists to develop new participative and interactive forms of art. The wealth of examples in this volume show how these scenarios are reflected in an urban context, including themes such as urban activism, telepresence, placemaking, sensing and ecology.

The book is based on the cultural project “Connecting Cities” sponsored by the EU, which studies the effects of urban media art on urban culture and its environment, architecture and participative urban development. The aim is an expanding worldwide network of media façades, urban screens and projection surfaces within the urban space.