Three Drops at the Exploratorium!


The installation I worked on over the summer at Sona Research has opened in the Seeing Gallery at the Exploratorium in San Francisco. No photos/videos as of yet, but there should be some soon. The piece allows visitors to interact with an artistic video simulation of water at three different scales. You use your shadow to influence the projected water with forces appropriate to each physical scale. In the first scene water flows down from a shower head and pools around your feet. In the second scene you can interact with a single water drop. In the third scene you can interact with a flowing clusters of water molecules. The molecular simulation is inspired by recent research at Stanford that suggests that water molecules may briefly arrange themselves in rings or chains (also see the further scientific debate).

Update: Pictures on Flickr

Fall Classes at the LEMURplex

LEMURplex banner

The descriptions and schedule for fall classes at the LEMURplex are now available. I’m teaching Electronics for Poets which is an introduction to electronics and circuit design.

Long Format Classes (three sessions)

Mondays, September 25, October 2 & October 16, 6:30-9:30 pm
Cycling ’74 Jitter

Tuesdays, September 26, October 3 & October 10, 6:30-9:30 pm
A Multifaceted, Multimedia Approach

Wednesdays, September 27, October 4 & October 11, 6:30-9:30 pm
Basic Circuitry for Arts & Multimedia

Thursdays, September 28, October 5 & October 12, 6:30-9:30 pm
Audio Processing in MSP

CMR Open Studios

Opening night of open studios at the Megashear Ranch was last night. Lots of great works on display. I made an installation of my Dance Loop that I used for a dance performance with the NYU-ITP dance collaboration and I have an Inverse Parasol kicking around (works great with the video installation). At the opening a bunch of small extremely active humans were really into the installation and just going totally nuts and running around non-stop. The kids could be coaxed to stop and move slowly, but I literally had to take them by the hand 🙂

The second night is this Thursday. We have two bands playing!

Two Fabulous Nites! Two Fabulous Floors of cATacLySmIc Creation!

Come to the Cataclysmic Megashear Ranch to meet the Ranch Hands and view their Art.

CMR, nestled in the heart of scenic Bayview, has long been home to shady characters and dubious activities. This is your chance to see the latest crop of manufactured handiwork from the artists currently in residence.

Opening Day:
Sunday, August 6th, 3p – 9p

Closing Night:
Thursday, August 10th, 6pm – Midnight
Live Bands: SF Cattle Company and Babyshakers

1433 Van Dyke Ave, Bayview, SF

Artists – Exhibition Catalog (updated):

Dave Cherry – Comic Art
Kiki Pettit Jewell – Neon and plasma sculptures
Scott Bartlett Jewell – Turbo jet engine: Turbo from a car, metal, and ingenuity
Paba Free – Interactive Sound Installation
Dominique Hatt – “Floating dream light device” 2000-2006
Elizabeth Dougherty – birdbath, candlestick, fountain and copper framed photo.
Dodger – Fire pendulum

Nick Thompson – “You are Here” Installation
Mike McCabe – Time Lapse Animation of Atmospheric Strata
Nurse Sara – Gorilla video
John Doe – “Video Feedback – Realtime interactive video kaleidoscope surprises and briefly entrances most hipsters”.
Barbobot – “Creature” An installation of lightbulbs and feedback sensors which create an intimate environment for the viewer.
Furry – “Garden Tub and Environs” Glowy lights, silk plants and clawfoot.
Michael Ang – “Dance Loop” Interactive video installation, “Inverse Parasol” Electronic carryable
Hillary Seidner – “LED chandelier”
Nurse Saz – Stories and microbial organisms from the Congo
Uncle Kruddy – Mixed Media
Kathryn Arnold – Collection of Paintings
Lisa Pimental – Mixed Media
Pernilla Persson – Mixed Media Photos
Mauricia Gandara – Mixed Media

REMOTE – Aug 3-5, 10-12 (SF)


My friend Ed from ITP and his wife are putting on a multimedia performance called REMOTE. Ed’s a genius and no doubt the performance is awesome. I hope to go on Aug 5 but I’m cramming on getting a piece ready for the cAtClySMic MegASHear rANCH Open Studios on Sunday and Thursday. REMOTE is also playing in NYC on Aug 18 and 19, at the Three Legged Dog art space that I have yet to check out.

“The further you are, the closer I feel to you… please, stay away” – Remote

In a time where traditional intelligence networks seem to have failed, and where “faith-based” decisions challenge scientific “objectivity”, this new multimedia theatre project by award winners Kraft + Purver examines the hilarious, poignant and disturbing ways we try to connect while maintaining a safe distance.

Remote investigates this theme through several narrative threads: the history of bizarre experiments in psychic spying performed by the CIA and U.S. military, the impact of technology on the nature of intimacy, and the dilemma of isolation vs entanglement in the American psyche. The performers navigate an immersive environment of live, interactive video manipulation, 3D landscapes and digital technology, blurring the lines between reality and perception and illuminating how distance allows us the grace of perspective and the capacity for violence.

From the creators of “Woods for the Trees”…
Kraft + Purver and CounterPULSE present
AUG 3, 4, 5 & 10, 11, 12th @ 8:00 pm
@ CounterPULSE 1310 Mission St (@ 9th St), SF
Tix $12-15 first weekend, $15-20 second weekend
Reservations: (415) 435-7552
There is limited seating so make reservations now!

Also, the HERE American Living Room Festival presents the east coast premiere
Aug 18 & 19 @ 8:30pm
@ Three Legged Dog Arts & Technology Center, 80 Greenwich St, NYC
Buy tix:

Conceived and created by Kraft + Purver with the performers
performed by Sara Kraft, Ed Purver, Ernie Lafky, Rowena Richie
Directed by Sara Kraft
Visual Design by Kraft + Purver
Video by Ed Purver
Sound & Music by Sheldon Smith
Songs by Sara Kraft
Lighting by Frieda Kipar
Costumes by Jenny McAllister
Stage Managed by Joy Newhart
Production Interns: Blake McConnell & Jackie Bendzinski

“Transporting, shrewdly evocative, and often very funny, their creative process suggests two precocious, deeply mischievous children with advanced degrees and the keys to the laboratory” – San Francisco Bay Guardian

New Job!

Cause and Effect by Scott Snibbe

Well, not so new anymore actually (been here for three weeks). This summer I’m working at Sona Research, the studio of interactive media artist Scott Snibbe. Not sure how much I can reveal at this point but I’m working on at least one installation that will have a very public launch.

The company has a fantastic philosophy and working atmosphere. I really love Scott’s work, and now I’m a part of it! The studio is in a converted warehouse building in Bayview, San Francisco and is chock full of artists and creative types. Camille Utterback is just down the way and it’s pretty common for people to come by the studio and say hi.

The pic above is Cause and Effect by Scott Snibbe.

Scott Draves – Dreams in HiFi

Dreams in High FidelityDreams in High FidelityDreams in High Fidelity

My friend Spot was in NYC last week promoting his new projects Dreams in High Fidelity and Moments in Genetic Time. He gave a talk at ITP that was very well received (and Dreams on a high-def projector is gorgeous). These new projects are marker points of his work with generative systems that has been going on for more than 10 years.

For Dreams and Moments Scott has curated the “best” of the Electric Sheep and rendered them at a much higher resolution. Each “sheep” is the seed for a fractal frame algorithm, and the sheep are evolved using a combination of genetic algorithms, direct human creation, and human voting. The sheep in these new projects represent the culmination of years of human labour and collaboration, and at hundreds of millions of hours of computation.