Dune Field Modulator – 2017

Dune Field Modulator is a set of objects that use light as an intervention to change our perception of landscape. The modulator is designed as a nomadic technology that can be carried into the field. As you move through the landscape an ephemeral light-space is created between you, the modulator, and the environment.
Dune Field Modulator was designed for the Gobi desert sand dunes in Mongolia. Even in this remote territory all landscape is mapped. By changing our interaction with the landscape, the modulator makes it again an unknown and exploratory place. The modulator is a tool for technological intervention that mediates a direct spatial-body relationship between human, object, and landscape.


Dark Habitats Dark Ecology, SPEKTRUM, Berlin, Germany, 2017 (blog post)

Exhibition review (Slovenian) at G-zin, July 5, 2017 (archive)

Shared Sight International Film Festival, Short film, MATCA, Slovenia, 2017