Infl3ctor – 2016-2017

Infl3ctor is a tool for live projecting calligraphy into the urban space. The act of drawing on paper is projected at the size of buildings, becoming Digital Calligraffiti. The Infl3ctor table is designed to be as simple and “transparent” as possible – what is drawn in black is projected in white, with the motion of the strokes coming from the human hand.

Infl3ctor is a collaboration with Palestinian Calligraffiti artist Hamza Abu Ayyash. The Infl3ctor 100 was created for the Digital Calligraffiti workshop organized by Public Art Lab at the Retune festival in Berlin. Infl3ctor is inspired by the pioneering work of the Graffiti Research Lab (gr33ts!) The form factor of Infl3ctor takes some inspiration from Golan Levin and Zach Lieberman’s Manual Input Sessions.

Installations / Exhibitions


Digital Calligraffiti, TINCON, Berlin, Germany
Future DiverCities Berlin Lab, Collegium Hungaricum Berlin (CHB), Berlin, Germany
Digital Calligraffiti Artistic Campaign, Berlin Subway Station U-Friedrichstraße, Berlin, Germany
CTM / transmediale Vorspiel, Berlin, Germany
Digital Calligraffiti, Chroniques Festival, Marseille, France


Digital Calligraffiti x Infl3ctor Session, Retune Festival, Berlin, Germany



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