(We Are) Light Catchers – 2015-2016

(We Are) Light Catchers collects personal light experiences into a collaborative public light sculpture. Participants wear a light sensor that records the colours of the ambient light around them. Over a period of 24 hours the sensor builds up a “personal light story” specific to that person’s environment and daily habits. Each light recording is shown as animated changes of colour over time in a public light sculpture. Each element of the sculpture is illuminated with one person’s light history. As more people “bring the light” to the sculpture it becomes a place for people to meet and compare our shared experiences of light. Workshops will allow the public to learn about the technology and privacy issues of crowd-sourced data collection while helping to build the wearable sensors. Light Catchers seeks to raise awareness of our individual light environments and gives the chance to “bring your light” to a collaborative public installation. Light Catchers was presented in Dortmund, Germany for the Innovative Citizen festival and at the City Visions Light and Science Festival in Jena, Germany, October 7-11, 2015. Part of the Connecting Cities initiative of Public Art Lab during the UNESCO International Year of Light. The Light Catchers concept was created as part of the In/Visible Cities Prototyping Lab and presented at transmediale Capture All.



Aug 15-23 – Ramallah Summer Festival, Ramallah, West Bank (blog post)


October 8-11 – CITY VISIONS JENA Licht- und Wissenschaftsfestival, Jena, Germany (video)

September 19 – 15. Dortmunder DEW21-Museumsnacht, Dortmund, Germany, Programme (pdf)


Das City Visions Festival in Jena, Thüringische Landeszeitung and Ostthüringer Zeitung, by Tino Zippel, October 10, 2015, (image) City-Visions-Festival in Jena: Lichtsammler und Garküchen auf Ernst-Abbe-Platz, Thüringische Landeszeitung, by Jördis Bachmann, August 4, 2015 (pdf)

Light Catchers in Ramallah. Photo by Ameen Saeb

Light Catchers in Ramallah. Photo by Ameen Saeb


The Light Catchers project was developed during the Public Art Lab Prototyping Lab 2015 as part of transmediale and is supported by the RWE Foundation. True Color sensors provided by MAZeT. Lighting controllers supported by LED-Studien. Printing filament provided by 3dk.berlin Project Concept / Lead: Michael Ang Team / Supporters: Sebastian Graf (Labjunkys), Stefanie Loveday, Lucy Patterson, Mike LaVigne, Jamie Morrow, Rachel Uwa, Claudia and Hilary Cowan from School of Machines, Lisa Kirchner, Ma Li, Albert Bitton Prototyping Lab: Iago Romero (wearable prototype), Alberto Gómez, Melanie Nobis (project name), Sebastian Meier (Hybrid City group moderator) Jury Board: Susa Pop (Connecting Cities), Julia Kloiber (Open Knowledge Foundation) Charlotte Knips (Fraunhofer Umsicht) Robert Kleinfeld (Fraunhofer FOKUS)

Media / Images

Light Catchers Images (zip) In/Visible Cities Prototyping Lab publication by Sandra Moskova (pdf) In/Visible Cities Prototyping Lab video by Xar Lee (link)

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