Shack of Senses – 2016

An esoteric installation of light and sound for the Nowhere festival in the Spanish desert. A temporary confluence of sound, light, wind, and people.

Each night Wouter gave a different waveform performance (square wave, triangle wave, folded wave) and participants were invited to draw on the walls of the shack in response to what they heard. The central sculpture captured the rhythm of the wind in its sails (and survived a dust devil whose center passed through the shack). Light (modulated by water, sound, and wind) created coloured shadows around the bodies of those inside the shack.

I created the centerpiece wind sculpture and a custom RGB+Orange lighting system based on my Water Light that tranduced both the sound from the speakers and wind motion of the sculpture into rippling patterns of light.

Once known as the House of Senses.


Shack of Senses was created for Nowhere 2016 and funded by a Nowhere art grant and our fantastic Indiegogo backers.

Shack of Senses Team:

  • Wouter van Jaspers – Concept, Sound, Performance
  • Michael Ang – Lighting, Centerpiece sculpture
  • Jamie Morrow – Build, Logistics
  • Sofie Ringstad – Fundraising
  • Michael Gomez – Lead Shoegazer
  • Shandy Bisqwuits

Copyright Pedro Jardim

Copyright Pedro Jardim

Installations / Exhibitions

Nowhere Festival, Spain, 2016

Shack of Senses video included in “Wish You Could Have Seen This” curated by Ma Li, San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery, San Francisco, United States, 2016 (SFGate article, Curbed article, Citylab article)

Grants / Crowdfunding

Nowhere Art Grant, 2016

House of Senses Indiegogo Campaign (thanks to our backers!)